Have NERO getting ROXIO should I remove NERO

I have a NEC 3520 arriving tomorrow with ROXIO sw bundled. I now have NERO Express 5.5.10 bundled that came with my CD-RW drive. I don’t think the NERO is for DVD burning however not sure. Should I remove the NERO Express before installing Roxio or can they co-exist together?

A lot of people here would tell you that the two don’t coexist very well. Personally I’ve had these running quite happily on my computers for a long time.

I would say however that you don’t run Nero’s InCD & Roxio’s DragToDisc together.

I use Nero for burning DVDs & Roxio for music CD’s. Both will do either, that’s just my preference.

I have both running as well. I’ve had no problems in over a year…

I for one did have problems. If you decide to go with Roxio & want to get rid of the Nero you download these.

Personally i would get rid of roxio and keep nero…

They both work just fine together as long as you do not install the drag to disk and incd both. I have used roxio since it came on floppies and have used nero for the past two years and even though I used to think roxio was the best I would never give up nero today for any roxio software. Besides if you are getting roxio with a new drive it will only be there basic and it is not worth anything in my book

I would use nero

Forget Roxio. I saw Nero for $49.00 this week but I’m sorry I don’t remember where. You could try to google it and may find it. At least DL the free trial of it and see what your missing. Roxio :Z sucks and you can have a conflict with In CD if you have that in your Nero version.


It is a good idea to disable nero incd anyway unless you actually use it. If I recall right, the versions of incd that came with 5.? were even worse about taking over control of the drive. Havind diffrent burning softwares on your computer usally won’t cause problems. I have had several on the same computer at the same time before. You just have to worry about packet writing software like incd because they can caused problems reguardless of if thier are other programs. I wouldn’t even worry about it unless you install both and thier are problems. If you have problems, just run the nero clean tool and it will wipe out everything that nero installed.
I also agree with others, consider the new version of nero. I have roxio somewhere (cannot remember if it came with a drive or if I bought it) and I was not really impressed. The new versions of nero is a full, high power burning suite comprized of many programs. It is not nessasarilly the best program for everything, but you will not find another single program that can do almost everything as well as nero does. You can find oem versions online really cheap (they were intended to be sold with a drive or a computer etc.), so they may be limited versions and may not work with all hardware. If you watch the major stores I have seen it several times cheap after rebates (as cheap as 10$ for the full retail package). I would at least download the free trial and see how you like it. I also sugest you check out anydvd (it has a free trial too).