Have nero 9, if I "upgrade" to 10, can I...?

I purchased a copy of Nero 9 retail a while back, but I was thinking of purchasing a second copy of Nero 9 for my GF’s PC (she wants to upgrade to windows 7).

I hit nero.com and see they are offering Nero 10 + Nero MediaHome 4… If I hit the upgrade button, the price is pretty reasonable.

If I do that, is my Nero 9 key still active? will it still work if I install it on another computer?

Actually, I submitted my Nero 6 key, and it is only a few dollars more ($6 to be exact) to upgrade it to Nero 10… so hmm…

Has anyone seen anything on Nero MultiMedia Suite 10?

Generally, the license for the older version does not become void after you buy an upgrade.
The upgrade license only requires you have a legitimate copy of a previous version. However, if you then give that previous version away, the upgrade license is no longer valid.

But you can upgrade the Nero 6 version and then give away the 9 version (you do not even have to install version 6 I believe, it will only verify the presence (on a disk or otherwise) during install I believe).