Have NEC-3520a-

I just recently got this drive and love it. only thing is it’s beige- Now i know it came in black to- would there be anyway to convert it to black?

Also I am looking for another dvd-burner- what would be a great alternative?

And as far are dvd reading quality for scaning errors… which would be optimal?

Thanks in advance. =)

no you can’t change it. only certain ones you can change the faceplace.

the new lite-on or benq are your best picks for that. i have a benq1655 to compliment my 3520a and i’m loving it. both black :rolleyes:

Short of finding someone with a spare black face plate, your other option is to remove the plate and drive cover and get some semi-gloss black paint. If you are careful and take your time it looks good and I have done this many times.