Have managed to destroy my computer

I’m not sure where exactly to put this thread, because I’m having problems in many many different areas… but it was the *!#$% Sony 820U burner that started it all.
I almost now can’t remember why I flashed it (and I KNOW flashing can be such a dangerous thing - live and learn). Now my problem is that both of my internal drives aren’t working properly. I figure that the best way to tackle this problem is to start with a basic problem and work on from there.
I have a SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW252S that no longer autoplays discs I insert and I cannot write to it. I can, however, explore and get files OK from an old disc (burned previous to the recent malady…)
PLEASE help, I am actually feeling nauseous that I have fried my whole computer and that I’m forever doomed to a life of nothing but email. :sad: :sad: :frowning:

Hi and Welcome!

I doubt, you killed your computer. Maybe your optical drives (or one of those) has been killed due to the wrong flash. Maybe your Windows installation is just messed up.
Just for clarification: That Sony is also internal? And did you flash the Sony drive successfully?

Things to try for troubleshooting:

[li]uninstall any CD/DVD related software like Alcohol, InCD, AnyDVD, Daemon Tools etc.
[/li][li]make your drives visible in device manager (see http://search.support.microsoft.com/kb/241257 - this article is also applicable for XP) and uninstall all CD/DVD drives from there. Reboot.
[/li][li]uninstall the IDE channel your CD/DVD drive is connected to and let Windows redetect it
[/li][li]grab a bootable CD or DVD and see if you can boot your system from that


OK maybe I overreacted. I was so frustrated with that other Sony burner. I don’t know what I did other than this: I went and bought another Sony burner (an 830U this time…) I removed all of the software that I could find (and I had a lot! EasyCD&DVD, old Nero, MyDVD8…) and plugged in the new Sony. Installed the Nero 7 disc that came bundled and I AM BACK IN BUSINESS!!! :clap: :clap: I can burn DVDs, watch DVDs, read data CDs, burn data CDs… none of which I could do there for a while.
Is there a market for improperly flashed (I guess) Sony DVD burners? I’ve got one if there’s anyone willing to mess around with it.
My only hesitation that I may not be 100% fixed, is dealing with downloaded tiVo shows and burning DVDs through Tivo To Go. That’s where the MyDVD8 came in, and I’m half afraid to try and even watch a show on my computer, much less attempt to burn a DVD… any idea which forum deals with burning Tivo To Go downloads??
P.S. THANK YOU for your suggestions. I very much appreciate your effort and am even happier to report that I won’t need to try them (I was a bit nervous about my abilities anyway! :o )
Thanks again,


glad, you sorted that out. I think, there should be no reason, why you shouldn’t reinstall the software you need to process your recordings.

Concerning your possibly dead drive: Maybe it can be recovered. As this is a rebadged Benq (your new one is a Samsung rebadge), it is worth asking in the Benq section - there are very knowledgable people that might give useful advice.