Have Liteon1693S Looking another DVD Burner?

I have a Liteon 1693S and a NEC CDR… I’ve finally just started burning DVD’s with Nero and Pinnacle from SVHS videos I put on my computer. I’d like to start making copies of those DVD’s, so I’d like to get rid of my NEC CDR and buy another DVD burner to make copy to copy DVD’s. What are some good recommendations to add/and work with my Liteon 1693S. I make alot of regular CD’s with my 1693 and had some issues (some skipping) with burning cd’s. I’m looking to better that with the newer DVD Burner. Maybe I should wait, and buy a HD/Blu-Ray burner… or just buy the new DVD burner and just buy the HD/Blu-ray later.

I guess you know you can make disc copies with just one drive by copying the original to a hard drive image file. That’s the way I do it, but then I don’t make many copies. If you have two drives on the same IDE channel it’s probably no faster than using one drive.

I prefer the simplicity of only one drive in my computer. If something goes wrong with the reading of the original, I don’t end up with a coaster. And if the burn turns out badly, I can try another burn using the hard drive image.