Have Liteon Hardware and only get coasters :(

I try to burn those BW or MDS files with securom or safedisc , whatever method
i try i cant get past the cd verification… :((((( , the software installs and even
the checking tool says cd is alright but as soon as i launch the game it scans
and scans scans and then fails.

Game is Spellforce Breath of Winter (addon) using a very narly version of
securom that nearly reminds me of starforce (cant open the cd tray
during scan, cant use other programs etc etc)

i have a JLMS (liteon) DVD LTD 163 (no letter behind it)
and a LITEON LTR 24102B Writer

i used Platinium , Philips, Tevion 700mb discs, i even tried RWs
no dice :frowning:

I use bwtweaker for the recommended settings too…

Wheres the catch :frowning:

Win XP Pro SP
epox 8rda+ current drivers
ATI 9700 current drivers
Win latest patches, No SP2 !!! (never ever will install that crap)

patin coufin latest Blindwrite
alcohol (currently removed )
GEAR (service disabled)

Im at wits end and frustrated like hell

I don’t know much about LiteOn drives as I have never had one, but latest versions of SecuROM are hard to copy. The BlindWrite guide says the TwinPeak method is hardware dependant, so your drive may not be able to write the twin sectors correctly. What version of SecuROM is the main executable protected with ?

Close thread !!! I mangaged to do it with a very complicated method …works as a charm
now !!! Jesus im hopping up and down with glee :smiley:

I think posting your method here so you can help others would be very nice.

Most probably with TwinPeaks or with a Plex Premium.

Isn’t he saying he has got a LiteOn drive ? :bigsmile: and it said it used a “very complicated” method…

He could have bought/got one in that time.

What 'bout the complicated method then ? :cool:

As i said, he could of meant Twinpeaks, which is fairly complicated.

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