Have LG 8240B 24x10x40 will not make 1:1 copy

i looked on the list and it said that this was the right drive to buy. But i read that the 24x model doesnot work only the 16x and 32x. can this be fix by using another firmware

please help
thanks jab420:cool:

It’s very rare that a new firmware will change a drives ability to make 1:1 copies.(if it already is RAW-DAO compliant)

Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns is more a chipset issue than a firmware issue.

But the newest CloneCD 4 will make 1:1 copies of most Safedisc 2 games as long as Amplify weak sectors is enabled.

So I don’t think all hope is lost :wink: Try the newest CloneCD version.

I don’t know fully what the problem is with the lg 8240b, but I’ve had no problems going a perfect copy of a safedisk 2 cd.
Maybe I’m the lucky one.

I have checked the setting on clonecd and amplify is not selected :slight_smile: