Have i wasted my time! ( Nero 5.5 )

Well I have downloaded these .avi files but now I have them I cant to bugger all with them.!!!
I have downloaded Media player 7, tried real player and squat all I get are the sound tracks no pics.
K look, the real problem is that I want to burn them to cd and watch on my DVD player but when trying to do this with Nero 5.5 it just errors out every time. Y.
Have i got to convert them beforehand or is there some hocas pokas that I must chant before, I dont know…

Plz someone tell me what I should B doing as it’s really bugging me now!


calm down :slight_smile:

Download the nimo codec pack first and try if you can see images and sound now. Use google to find it.

In nero you use VCD player record to record the movie , but first you probably have to convert it to the VCD format. There are various tools for this. Such as TMPGenc.

Why are you posting this in a forum dedicated towards burning cds?

Anyways, download the divx codec, it’s free and an easy find using any search engine. Also find “audiofilters.zip” for ac3 audio support.

And Im not certain at all that your dvd reader can play back a divx movie, Im assuming your .avi is a divx since mediaplayer should have been able to work without any help

you need a codec .i like to download the shareware version of divx 5 pro (which also install acodec for the media player!) it also plays better on divx5pro then wmplayer.nimo codec is good to but somewhat overexerted oneself.the picture quality is better too on divx5pro

Because it was posted in a newbie forum.

TMPgenc will render the files as a mpg and nero will burn it as a vcd

You can also try a Divx player and see if it s divx or not

It is a question that needed to be answered, we all started out as newb’s at one ot another