Have I misinterpret the quality scan?

I have bought some cheap DVD-R media (Datamart 8x) that is id as TYG02 media
(fake I pressume). In nero Cd-Dvd speed 4.01 a disc burned at 2x speed in dvd decrypter with my NEC 3540 (firmware 1.01) looks like the attached image :frowning:

If I understand things correctly it is so bad that it shouldn’t be readable but I can do an image of the dvd and I obtain the same checksum for this iso file as for the original iso file (the one burned to the dvd).

isn’t the result as bad as I interpret it or can it be something else??? :confused:

Thanks /marcus

That’s pretty poor, but you should be burning @8x. Consensus is that results are better that way. As it is that disk’s pretty crap so you’d have to burn it again anyway…

That’s a terrible scan.

However, try burning at 8 speed. You might be surprised how much better it is.

thanks for the tip with burning @ 8x. The scan looks a lot better now but still the PIE are quite high. Does that matter as long as PIF is low?
Is PIF the same as PO used in K-probe?

And what about the “saw” look on the PIE errors? Is it due to the medium or the burner?

Guess I will not buy this type of cheap media in the future.


Well, it’s definately fake TY, but NECs are also not known for scanning accuracy.

if you want an optimistic pie-in-the-sky wonderful scan with great scores
use kprobe with a lite-on… :bigsmile: