Have i killed my drive

ive been having trouble with my sony DRU 710a constantly giving read errors when trying to copy dvds so i decided to update the firmware to the latest version (BYX5) using the stock firmware - after running the update a message saying update successful please restart pc came on the screen, so i restarted my pc and now my drive is not being detected by windows and the light on the front of it is flashing on and off constantly - i cannot run the firmware update again as no drive is being detected is there anything that can be done to fix this or have i killed the drive? :confused:

First, no you havn’t.

Second, is the drive not detected by BIOS? Because if it’s not, you might have to use the drive swap trick to flash it - it’s floating around this board somewhere! :slight_smile:

I too am having problems with my Sony 710a. I thought flashing with the BYX5 would help with a problem of it reading a DVD-RW disc that I used this Sony to burn but wouldn’t read afterwards. Now I have noticed the 710a won’t read any commercial DVD’s either. It will read CD-R and CD-RW. I even used the Sony drivecheck program and no errors on the CD side, but since I can’t read DVD’s, the program is useless. Got a DW1640 coming in a couple of days. This Sony unit sucks…

it is being detected by the bios but not by windows, help