Have I killed it dead?



Hi All
Sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong place/innappropriately. Am having serious issues with my 451S…tried to flash the firmware, which it appeared to do succesfully. Now have a yellow/orange light flashing constantly and the drive does not seem to work at all, in spite of control panel/hardware telling me it is all working ok.
Am running XP Pro.
Have I killed it dead??..Please tell me it aint so!
Thanks for any help.


This has happened to many people. No big deal. The solution is somewhere in the Lite-On forum, but I’ve misplaced the link. Just do a search.


You can reflash it. I like to do it old school w/ MTKFlash in DOS w/ BIN f/w. Check out the Read First stickies in the Firmware forum on how to revive your messed up drive.


Thanks Guys
Have read the MTKFlash stuff, but can I do it with XP Pro…am not sure how to begin to use DOS. Is it straightforward?
Thanks again


-download a dos 6.22 bootdisk
-when you have a ntfs partition download NTFSDOS
-make a bootdisk running the boot622.exe; unzip the ntfsdos file to the diskette, if there is not enough space take a new one.
-download the fwfile and mtkflash180.1
-make a new dir on C:
-extrakt the fw and mtkflash in this dir
-if the burner is not recogniced when booting the pc disconnect and connect a other dvd-rom
-reboot your pc with the bootdisk
-change the device
-run ntfsdos.exe (it can be that your c: is located as d:)
-open the directory in which are the fw files (c:\FW or d:\fw when c is located as d)
-flash the drive MTKFLASH X W /M fw.bin
X is a number 1=primary master
2=primary slave
3=secondary master
4=secondary slave


Thanks so much for that…I’ll take my time and give it a go. Thanks for explaining it all so fully, too…I need it!


No go with that…the system won’t let me boot from floppy/into DOS, though it prob. has more to do with my lack of knowledge about it than anything else! Have managed to do everything else ok, though.
Wish I were more adept at handling PC’s.


have you checked the bootsetting in your bios???

you should set to Floppy; CDROM; C


Yeah, I have…it won’t let me boot to floppy first, or I can’t see how it will. I have the prob sorted now, though, thanks to the combined efforts of you guys. Used omnipatcher and the firmware file, as instructed by code65536. This place has been nothing but helpful since I joined earlier today. You guys rock very hard!
Thanks so much…I will be sticking around to learn lots of new and exciting stuff.