Have I fried something?



My brother bought a new case to which I moved all of his components.

Now the computer won’t boot up. LEDs come on on the motherboard, The CD and DVD drives spin up I think the HD drive also spins up but it is a very quite drive.

Nothing is coming up on the monitor and if I turn it off and back on again it comes up with no signal. This was on the ATi card which I removed and tried it on the onboard on as well.

No beeps are audible when I turn it on either. I have checked all of the cables and they all seem to be ok.

Any sugestions will be gratefully received.


Sounds like a mainboard or PSU problem to me. What to do? Disconnect all devices that aren’t needed to boot from the mainboard and see if you can get a picture (or a beep).
If not, find out if there are any jumpers you can use to make the system post (some mainboards have a so-called safe feature that makes it possible to boot a system even if all the values set in the BIOS are wrong). Resetting the BIOS (battery jumper) could be of help as well.

And as always: check all cables!


Fixed it. Cheers Dee-ehn.

Just incase other have trouble the solution.

I took out all of the cables and cards and it beeped. First happy news I had.

So I put things back in one by one and it still seemed good. Untill I got ot the RAM. I put one stick in and it worked. Added the second and it stopped working. I though I had found out what was wrong. Just to check though I put the “faulty” piece in by it’self just to make sure. Guess what? It worked.

Now I was stumped. Both sticks worked but not together. Well to cut a long fiddeling story short I took out the motherboard and removed one of the metal legs that the motherboard is attached to that was in the middle of the board and hey pressto it worked with both bits of RAM installed.

It seems that the leg was causing the fault by tocuhing the motherboard and causing a short across the RAM slots. Well that what I am guessing happened.

Now everything is back in the new case and it is all working perfectly.