Have i faulty dvd/cd writers?



Hi there
About 2 years ago I installed CloneDV2 and successfully burnt 3 dvd’s to disc on G drive. About 3 months ago I attempted same exercise but could only use H drive, G seemed to have disappeared from the option. All processess seemed fine until it came to the WRITING stage and the system seemed unaware that I had a NEW disc in the drawer. Downloaded different software, met with same reponse.
Also having problems with CD burning to disc, the burn appears to complete but when I insert it into G, in order to check its OK and reinstall it into pc. nothing happens by which time the green light, of the drive, has gone out. Can’t remember when exactly, had umpteen goes at all of this but at some point the green light goes out on the H drive.
Could understand if I’d used these programmes relentlessly, not so.
Think if some connection had become dislodged I wouldn’t even have partial usage.
Hope someone can help and shine a light for me. Thanks


So My computer does not detect the dvd or cd drive?..
If not, you might need to delete upper/lower filters for your drives…
Give me/us a moment, so we can post a link to the [I]possible[/I] fix…Ahh, first hit on our buddie ‘google’…:wink:



Thanks for prompt reply. Tried the trouble shooting site but might as well not have bothered as I got nowhere fast! It reckons to have fixed some problems but I still seem to have one drive that doesn’t read and one that doesn’t write, balances things out nicely don’t you think?
Seriously, think I need to have a friend of a friend come take a look.
If you can be bothered can you suggest as to how the G drive was there one day and gone the next - would I have unintentionally removed it or what?
Thanks again.