Have I been the victim of hacking...?

Hi everyone.

I’m on an Unlimited Usage monthly ISP plan. But if I should reach a usage of 12GB my speed then gets reduced from 1500/256kbps to only 64kbps.

I’m only halfway through this month’s usage period and I’ve now received a notice that I’ve already reached 6GB of my Usage – Impossible!!

I’ve downloaded no more than 2 or 3 movies using LimeWire (and then FrostWire) as P2P share-file since a fortnight ago… with each of these video files being no longer than around 750MB each.

Simple arithmetic tells me that my usage shouldn’t be anywhere near 6GB.

My ISP has told me that it’s possible that hackers may be using my account.

I’ve since disabled Uploading in FrostWire.

Any thoughts? When a video file capacity is stated to be, say, ‘720MB’ - does it actually download a lot more MBs than this for one reason or another?

I understand that with Uploading I was probably doubling my Usage from ‘720MB’ to around ‘1440MB’.

But this still doesn’t account for how 3 video-file movies of only ‘720MB’ each could blow my Usage allowance to a staggering 6GB…

are you on wireless?

It would be worth checking if your usage quota is a combination of upload and download. For example, assuming you downloaded three 720MB files, this would work out at 2160MB. If you uploaded twice as much as you downloaded, then the upload figure would work out at 4320MB. Add the two together and you get 6480MB or ~6.3GB.

While your uplink of 256k may look quite small, it is quite easy to max out your uplink, particularly with a popular torrent that a low seed to peer ratio. For example, assuming you leave your PC on overnight with the Frostwire running with no upload restriction, then at 30KB/sec (roughly based on your 256k uplink) would give a potential throughput of ~100MB per hour. 10 Hours over night would give roughly 1GB. Four nights would give 4GB.

As gregtherotterius mentions, if you are using wireless, please make sure you have encryption enabled. If you already do, change the password or the encryption method, e.g. WPA if you’re using WEP, etc. Finally, make sure you’re using at least a 128-bit key or 256-bit if available.

Thanks for your reply, Greg and Sean.

I’m on ADSL @ 1500/256kbps.

I’ve disabled Uploading from FrostWire - so I may see an improvement over the next 2 weeks I have left of my monthly plan period.

Sean - I’m a newbie, and don’t know what you mean by…

Finally, make sure you’re using at least a 128-bit key or 256-bit if available.

What ‘key’… ?

This only applies if you have a wireless router. If you have a wireless router, you’ll see settings for setting up encryption and a key on the Router’s wireless settings configuration section / page.