Have I been ripped off?



I have just down loaded the new AnyDVD and bought license keys for it and CloneDVD After processing my card payment the download of the keys would not work. Is this crowd safe to deal with? Have I been ripped off? Should I contact the bank and stop my card? A worried and unhappy person. Note I have used their contact system to tell them. I will update this post as information becomes available. :a :a :a :a


They should have emailed you one too!.

Check your registered email adress.`


Don’t worry this is because you paid by card, if you paid by paypal it would have been instant. Remember it is easter holiday, probably be OK by tuesday/wednesday. :cool:


Hi :slight_smile:
Mountnman, usually the keys come attached to an email with instructions. Did you get/follow these? If you didn’t process not complete the transaction will need to clear. If you got this,in what way are they not working, maybe you need to re-downloadkeys & try again.
BTW the process of notification is initially automated. As is payment so it will take upto a couple of days(this seems to depend on your bank etc). You should recieve a email notification of reciept of your quiery. But an answer will take longer.
No they’re not cowboys, you’ll get there. Of course being a bank holiday won’t help.
P.S.If you’ve got the emails, but can’t download keys. It may be your firewall. Check settings, you have have to change these.


I´ve paid Slysoft for AnyDVD & CloneDVD with Visa and received more ore less immediatly a email afterward with my keys. Had no problems with the Slysoft boys :bow:
Maybe you should check you email settings as said by zebadee. Another problem could be the bank holiday as said by Mr Hugo.


Also chesk you ISP’s webmail junk folder in case they’ve ended in there


Check your’s or your ISP’s spam filter. The key purchase system is automatic so banks & cc companies being closed should not be an issue as long as the card is valid.


I recieved mine within a minute of paying by Visa. Never been a problem here.
Do check your deleted folder, thats were my spam filter put it for some strange reason.


Thank you all for the advice and encourgement. I got quite worried when the purchase process lead to links that would not work and I then checked email and none was there, I then checked my firewall, but it has not interfered with any other downloads I have done.
To update; I have now recieved the expected emails including the license keys and I have also this morning recieved a reply to my query through their site and all is well. Interestingly I did not see an option to use Pay Pal which I do have. I have now ceased worrying and returned to being happy.
Please note I think this forum is wonderful and used by some great and knowledgeable people.


You had us worried there
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Mountnman, thanks for the update. :clap:
Lets celebrate, :bigsmile: :bow: :iagree: :clap: :rolleyes: :cool: :bigsmile: :bow: :clap: :iagree: