Have i been conned

hi i got my ldw 811s drive for xmas and tried everthing to get it to burn. end of the day i had to get it replaced. and the guy in the shop changed it to a 1s81 drive. didnt realise till i got home. it works, but have i been conned. what is the better drive and what is the difference in £££££££ thanxs

It is just a rebadged 811S. You can convert it to an 811S by using FlashFix (see tools guide in my sig). Just make sure to backup your current firmware incase anything goes wrong.

See these threads for more info:

BUT the more important point may be that you should be able to get what you paid for. A real 811S. If your supplier says they are the same thing point him to my guide and show him all the tools that you may not be able to use with the drive he gave you. (of course you will be able to use them if you change your drive to a 811S but that’s not the point in this situation)