Have hardcore overclockers lost the plot?

After reading Tom Pabst’s latest blurb on the Pentium 4 @ 4.1GHz , I just have to ask,

“Have they lost the plot?”

Overclocking used to be about getting the best bang for the buck. And overclocking sites used to post realistic help, ie which CPU cooler was best and what you could expect from your CPU/VIDEO /etc.

I mean really, vacuum cooling for a CPU!

What next? The next toms hardware blurb will read

Our new pentium 4 @ 20,000GHz and 50,000 feet!" Since vacuum cooling wasn’t doing the job, we decided to launch Toms latest overclocked system into low earth orbit in order to dissipate the heat

At the point where the cooling system costs the price of a small house, I have to really wonder whether it is really in the best interests of his readers to invest in this kind of system, and whether it is just slightly out of most peoples price range.

The question becomes
“Have hardcore overclockers lost the plot?”