Have fun with/together with Midbar

Kent´s (swedish) newest,“vapen & ammunition”, is protected with Midbars VEPS(very expensive pice of shit) cdc200.It is rippable with a “olderly” reader with NO capability to read multisession disc.Infact the guy who did this had NO idea of the record beeing protected!!!So run out to the junkyard tear a old pc apart & have phun with Midbar…


The only problem with this suggestion is that a lot of those “older” CD drives don’t do DAE worth a shit. I have an old NEC 8x SCSI drive that will not do DAE. EAC could not find commands to make it work, and it totally flunked the DAE tests in NERO CD-Speed. Even those that might do DAE probably only rip at 1x speed, so it would be slower than smoke off of cold shit.

There’s gotta be a better way.

Regarding masking the second session on the CD, is there anywhere that I can read up on that in English? Thanks.

My Plextor40TS-scsi rips those Midbar Cactus Data Shield CD’s in about 5 minutes. All Plexies do :stuck_out_tongue:

You can even use the plextools with the option : Read first session only

Very interesting regarding the Plextools. Where do you get that? I also have a Plexi 40TSi SCSI drive, but I bought it as a bare-drive and it came with nothing other than mounting screws and the manual. Is Plextools available somewhere for download?


plextools: www.plextor.be

Thanks for the link. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t find Plextools on their USA site, and I was unable to access the .be site from my house last night. So I just now accessed the .be site from my work account, downloaded, and will email it to my home. Whatever works!!

CDS200 is a hardware-based audio protection. If you don’t have the right drive, you are out of luck… Plextor rulez in case of audio protections.

I have an (older) Plextor 12/20 SCSI reader, which bypasses copyprotections pretty easy (key2audio) like other Plextor drives, but I only got PlexManager 96 or something with it, no PlexTools.

On the plextor.be website I can only find an upgrade for PlexTools, does anyone know how I’m able to get the PlexTools full software (not just upgrade)?

Or do I have to buy a entire new CD-drive? :confused: