Have files from VIDEO_TS, what to do next?

Hey I’ve managed to rip the entire contents of a DVD I need backed up and would really like to watch on TV instead of on my computer. I don’t know if there’s encryption, but I don’t think so because I used Clad to extract the whole VIDEO_TS directory (VOBs 1-5, one BUP file and one IFO file) and also they’re training seminar dvds, so very prosumer stuff. Now the hard part: I’ve tried every way imaginable to get these files onto DVD, as well as 2 dvd types… Sony and TDK blank DVDRs. . I’ve tried the standard winblows “copy these files to disc”, Sonic Recordnow, Burnquick, VOBsub, VSO to DIVX even! …And each time I either get “finished, but with errors” (after 10 seconds of “writing”) or "Can’t find DVD device. I’m beginning to think I’ve done something wrong. Any suggestions? I have an HP Pavilion a747c with DVD r/w and DVD rom drives and have verified they’re working with the correct drivers and all.

try dvd shrink

If the contents of the DVD is less than 4.38GB (it sounds like it might be). The files can be copied to a DVD. You need to use software such as Nero or recordnow which has a DVD Video mode.

Another way is to get DVD Decrypter. It has a ISO image read and write mode. The software creates a ISO of the DVD and then burns the ISO back to a blank DVD.