Have DVDFAB want to copy my Sopranos seasons onto one disk

I know there is a way to copy a whole season onto one disk, but I am not all that literate with my computer, so I dont understand exactly what they are talking about. could someone please explain in english how to do this?

I really wouldn’t recommend it, the compression ratio would quite possibly bring the quality way down. Isn’t each season 4 discs?

Edit: I checked, they are all 4 disc sets. I definitely would not do it as you’re talking about compressing video files to as much as 1/8 of the original size. You’re better off with a one to one disc ratio as far as I’m concerned.

i know you want to do a whole season onto 1 disc why not compromise put less episoes on 1 disc and you will get slighty better watching quality using DVDSHRINK otherwise as stated fitting that much data will result in very poor quality---------------SILVERSURFER-------------------------