Have both 3500 and 3520 need to get rid of one, which one

I have both the 3500 and the 3520 drives. A friend wants one of them and doesn’t care which one.
Now since he will be recording less and with less need for quality I want to keep the better drive.
I have read that many believe the 3500 writes better then the 3520.

However the 3500 has had far more time to get more mature firmware etc…

Over the long term which is the better choice?

A quick test comparing the 2 on my media TY02 showed that they are the same until the end of the disc where the 3520 starts to show signs of a weaker burn in nero speed. I don’t have any Lite-On drives to do more Kprobe tests though.

Both drives have the latest Liggy firmware.


If you need to decide now, keep your 3500 :slight_smile:
Its still not clear if the 3520 will ever match the 3500 for burn quality, they do vary from drive to drive though.

I agree with Dee-27, I don’t own a 3520 but I love my 3500 and alot of people
have been trying to find 3500’s.

I say keep the 3500, it is more like “classic, vintage, collector’s item” and good machine to boot, and rare to buy right now.

The 3520 is more like “commodity” can be bought for less than $55, and soon will be replaced with newer model.

Agreed! Keep the 3500. It is still my best burner overall.

I’d say it depends on what discs you want to be able to burn in the future, the newer 3520A will support 8x DVD+RW and DL-R in the near future, the 3500 won’t.

Keep the 3250.

I would not trade my 3500A for anything. It burns like a madman and the results are outstanding every time. Of course I don’t have a 3520, but from what I read it may be a dud, but the 3500A is the real thing.

Don’t have the 3520 but I’m very happy with my 3500. It’s better than my Plextor 712. Also, the 3500 doesn’t have read issue above 14X.

As cheap as DVD burners are now your friend should buy a new one of his choice. You should keep both drives, it never hurts to have a back up drive. I have found that selling computer parts/devices to a friend or relative means that you will be responsible for what ever goes wrong with his computer FOREVER!
That’s just my two cents worth, take it or forget it. :iagree:

Ok, I have these options:
+3500A for 69 euros
+3520A for 55 euros

Is it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy worth the extra 14 euros?

Does the 3500A support all the Dual-Layer discs that the 3520A does?

I see HERE that the 3520A will be getting some support that the 3500A won’t. I’m realy realy not sure the extra 14 euros are worth it, but if someone can tell me a convincing reason other than “just a bit better recordings” I guess I’ll spend them.

Keep the 3500. :slight_smile:

no answers?

Dee, Liggy and Quikee, have made NEC 3500 performance oneof the top better drive available with their outstanding work on modding 3500 f/w.

The 3520 will get support for -R DL discs, Don’t know if the 3500 will. I would never burn a -R DL disc so I could care less. As soon as the 10 or so Philips CMC Mag AE-1 -Rs are used up I’ll never buy another -R disc again, there are just too many quality +Rs to be had and they bun great on my 3500, 3520 and Benq 1620.

Agreed. I want more Datawrite MCC DVD+R’s they are fantastic!

meh, I’m just gonna buy a 3520, I see the 3500 isn’t that much better than the 3520.

You obviously haven’t done enough reading to come to that conclusion. :confused:

I bought the 3520 :slight_smile: Why instead of the 3500? Because I need my DVDs to be readable and that’s it, not extremely great copies. For extremely exact copies I have my Plextor CD burner :slight_smile: If my DVD can read it, it’s good enough for me. And it also seems that the 3520 has a bit better support for more media, even if burns aren’t 100% quality, and will get more support from NEC in a near future with double layer -R media.

And now the great question that’s all over this forum but I don’t realy get clear: there’s this michel de boer page with lots of firmwares but I’m not sure wich one is supposed to be better. I guess one is better for this or that, and the other for the other thing, but… in general…? Should I go for “Liggy’s And Dee’s NEC ND-3520 1.U9 (Beta9)”? For “NEC 3.22 (I-O Data)”? Difference between bitsetting: “Auto” and “Yes”?

Thanks for everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Stick with the firmware that the drive was supplied with until your sure the drive is working correctly. Using unofficial firmware voids your Guarantee, and that includes the I-O Data firmware.
Then choose a firmware that best suits the media you have.