Have been burning alot of choppy dvds lately

Hey guys, new to the forum. I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a Sony DVD± RW DW-D56A burner in it. I am having a little trouble backing up DVD’s. Recently most of the copies have bad spots in the copy where the movie will stop and hesitate and sometime just freeze. I use DVD shrink and Nero 6 to burn with. I have been using Smartbuy 4.7 GB 8X disks. I seemed to do pretty well with my first spool of 50, then i bought a spool of 100 and have not been so lucky with this one. Does anybody have this drive and know what the best disks are for this particular burner? Should I use different programs to burn with? Larger disks? Get a external DVD rom so I can copy directly from the original DVD to a blank disk? Add more RAM? Get a new burner? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as you alot of you guys probably know more about this than I do. I’m not really concerned with speed as much as I am the quality of the burn. I am also willing to spend extra money on better programs and media.

It is a media problem, use decent media (Verbatim, Fuji) and try burning at a lower speed (not max.)

Thats another thing. After DVD Shrink does its analysis and i click backup, the box pops up that asks where i would like to save my files to. When I click on the tab al the way to the right where it asks you what speed I want to burn at most of the time my only options are max or 8X which is my max.

Ok a couple people have told me to either get Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. which is better and is there any truth that buying media in smaller spools or individually cased dvds is better than buying, say spools of 100? Thanks

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Perchance if you are interested in purchasing Taiyo Yuden Media and looking for a good reliable source suggest visiting Rima.Com (http://www.rima.com).

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Another vote for Taiyo Yuden and Rima. Stay away from Verbatim… not a good media to try if you are having media problems. Variable quality.

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Alright, thanks guys Taiyo Yuden it is. Can you suggest any particualr ones or are they all great quality. Don’t really care what they cost, just want good results.

The 8X -R (TYG02) are always a great choice for quality and compatibility. :slight_smile:

Alright guys, thanks again. Just purchased 100 taiyo yuden from rima.com. Should have in a few days and will let you know if my problems go away.