Have been away for quite some time and what has changed?

I am wondering what type of Drive is currently the king of copy protection copying.
I remember the days when Lite-On was the king, does this still holds true?

I mean which drive is best for copying:
3)Combo (the best combo drive)


What is the current trend in protection? SafeDisk? Securom? StarForce?

Newer SD and SR are prevalent, and sadly most of them can really only be beaten by emulation or cracking. Very very few drives nowadays can accurately burn these discs. There are lengthy processes now involving Alcohol and creating burn profiles and… it’s just ugly. I personally have a tendency to just crack the program nowadays, much as it irks me to have to do so.

For CD’s, Plextor Premium is the king.
For DVD’s, various drives are capable. Plextor, Pioneer, LG, Lite-ON, and the new Toshiba. I’ve had decent success with my Plextor and my Pioneer, but my Khypermedia 52x CDRW does a better job for cd’s. Not sure who makes it, and I don’t care as long as it works…

To make it worse some new games are now on DVD with protection…
but its as Gurm says its now just about at the stage where it will not be worth it to copy at all unless (well thats another matter)

So, Gurm, what is one of those rare drives you speak of that accurately copys without emulating or cracking? Can you give an example?

To sum up a little bit :

  • Securom : hasn’t really changed since v4.8x., the most noticeable changes are blacklists ; the plextor premium is still the king when it comes to CDs, twinpeak and RPMS also still work.
    The problem is that more and more games come on DVD ; in this case only RPMS and virtual drives work.
  • Safedisc : On the CD side, nothing revolutionary since v2.9/3.10 either, only new weak sectors that appeared with v3.15 and cannot be “amplified”. These are very hard to burn and the burners that can produce decent non-emulated backups are rare.
    On the DVD side, I don’t have much technical info, but it’s not possible to burn a working backup for various reasons. Virtual drives still work, blacklisting relies on driver names so it’s easily avoidable.
  • Starforce : with now CD and DVD flavors, it’s still the same… Various ways of running backups have emerged but none last long… Next version of D-Tools may change the deal though.

The USB method for Starforce is the best, I spend hours fucking around with mini-images with no success.