Have back-up my DVD b4 but now

Heya all,

So I have backed-up my DVD’s before but now that I have fully payed for the Clonedvd2 and anydvd they stop working. the site gave me a 21day free try. I had heard much about the clonedvd form people I work with and gave it a try. IT WAS GREAT.

But now i cannot back-up my dvd’s. I keep getting an error message “this writer is not capable of writing the souce data as requested.” and when i go to show details i get “WriteDVD 14 W2” Am using the same DVD+R that I used int he trail try and the same PC. I have all the newest updates but not sure whats going on now.

So any helpful hints or if you had this error message before and know how to fix it would be great.

OOh i was tryn to back-up Devillady an anime made in 2003.

Hmm nothing yet. Has anyone else come accross this problem?