Have anyone tried the lite-on LVC-9006

I found a great deal, 250 for this DVDR + VCR combo. I was thinking about buying the LVW-5005 since you can make region and macrovision free using the modified firmware. Can this be done with the LVC-9006?
I can’t a firmware for this device to see if it can be modified.
I want to make sure that I can make this unit region and macrovision free.
Please let me know.

Man I sure would love to find out that as well. DVDDECRYPTER seems to do this, but still nice if I could simply pop my dvd’s into my LVC-9006 and beat the region kidnapping and the ‘scratch ur dvd and buy another’ things. Also my LVC-9006 worked for about a month and first stopped being able to burn VCD’s and then even DVD’s. Had the replacement for a few days now and am hoping it will last the 12 month warranty.

Otherwise its a very easy to use device despite my inability to figure out how I can interface it with my laptop and burn CVD’s from my DVD’s files (if that’s even possible w/o more software and/or some sort of adapter jack).

If you do get the LVC-9006, be sure to get their firmware update installed even though I started having problems before I updated it, I still think maybe the unit has problems, but too late as I bought it.

Well the replacement LVC-9006 appears to be failing again and after only about 6 weeks and 15 hrs of use. This time whenever I’m burning Maxell DVD-R’s, and I shutdown the LVC-9006’s power (between burning sessions on a single disc), when I power up again, the disc is not recognized and all my burning work is lost as absolutely nothing will read the disc. I’m trying to get LiteOn to help in this issue and they’re intial reply indicated they figured my media was bad (pretty lame as it works fine as long as I don’t power off and finalize). Their 2nd reply indicated before they could confirm the problem, they needed my sn and the disc’s mfgr id. They seem to be ignoring my voiced suspicion that the unit might be equippedwith a nicad tbattery (gone bad) which enables the unit to store the end points for un-finalized discs. Still waiting for any support which I’m positive will merely result in another 6 weeks w/o the unit and another $20 lost in shipping (not to mention this replacement thing going on forever) as I am seeing people having replaced the LVC-9006 as many as 4 times.

Update: LiteOn sent me a prepaid shipping label. 3 to 4 weeks before mailing a return unit is what they say.