Have any idea on DC++?



Well I have been using bittorrent for a long time and now it looks like its going to be shut down so I have decided to give DC++ a try. I have put 107 Gigs of Files into the folder that Im sharing and shared that folder inside DC++ but its only showing me as having 59 Gigs of files? Am I doing anything wrong? Is there anyway to refresh my Shared Folders or anything?

Just trying to find another good program to replace Azureus…



DC++ only counts files as shared if they have been hashed
hashing can take a while if you share a lot. i share about 80Gb and it took a good hour before everything was hashed and it showed as 80Gb shared.
if this doesnt help try to refresh you share directory. also note that files with the same name counts only once.


I wouldnt use DC++, you are opening your shares to anybody that would like to see what you have. Legal or unlegal.

What´s keeping the bad guys from taking a look in your share folder and see what you have…


brantdk what do u suggest instead of dc++?


Bit torrent, but it´s having a hard time right now. You can still can find some torrent sites, but it´s alittle harder. Why i like BT is you are only sharing the file you are downloading. That means that they cant snoop around in a share folder and see what you have. I wonder how many people got themselves into trouble that way? :confused:

Also the speed in BT is great. It ´s one of the fastest if not the fastest P2P out there.

We are at a transisition period with BT because of last weeks raid. But right now,it still the best P2P. If you are into a GUI, try to search after “Bitlord” It reminds me alot of Karzaa interface.


tried bit torrent a couple times but didnt like it.
hard to find what im looking for and speed is bad, 12Kb/s download vs. 78Kb/s upload… no thank you.
once you learn your way around in DC++ the download speed is excelent and when you make some friends you can also get invites to private hubs and then you’re in download heaven.
and if you’re afraid that “bad” people can see what you share/download bit torrent wont help because with that program its also easy to track what you download/upload.


Ok, I work with DC++ but only got slow results, At least with BT, the Bad people can only see the file that you are working with, not your total share folder. I think that BT is the only P2P where the Bad guys have sued the end user. Good luck with finding something that you like.


lol if you have 12 kb down you just a looser :smiley:


WHen I use BT, the first 5-10 minutes runs slow, but after that, it speeds up very fast. I got a 2MB line and it gives good results, Maybe you should give it a little time. There could be netowork problem where you live.

Dont understand why he´s a losser because he´s get 12 kb!?!




I have used DC++ a few times and I didn’t like it.

The share requirements are too high to get into the hubs. And ops have a habit of banning you from the hubs for no reason.

I recommend eMule instead. Hashing with a good credit system which prevent leechers.


And ops have a habit of banning you from the hubs for no reason.

… using DC++ (mods) for 2 years now and im only banned once on a hub and that was because i got redirected to that hub and that hub didnt accept any DC++ (mods) connections.
you sure you didnt break any hub rules? im just surprised you got banned regularly and im not for 2 years.


I got banned because I was sharing an archieved file that was split up for easier downloading. The op didn’t bother to check to see if it was a valid file or not.

There are other activities by the users which I don’t like. Sharers only set the minimum amount of download slots just to get into it–which is 2 or 1. It’s impossible to get something from a sharer because those download slots are always filled up. Users also have a habit of taking off once they got their stuff from you even if you haven’t finish downloading from them.


wow look at this so so many ppl r going to say dc++ sux man do u even know wat u r on about so wat u share wat is in ur peer 2 peer file the thing is bit’s sux so hard they take forever and u get virus. i know r mate that hate’s bit’s so much he made r file and tracker for it and ut r virus in they didnt even stop it like over 300000-0000000 ppl got this file {yea go bit’s} DC++ {rev connect} u share virus or trojan and even micro they dont care u get banded.for life out off there hubs. dont ever say use bit’s cus u never tryded DC++{rev connect} cus if u had there is noway u sit here saying use this use that. if u dont wat to use DC++ {rev connect} try mRIC harder to use.
o yea about the slots try one wit 30 somethiing ppl not 2 or 3

DONT USE BIT’S THEY R JUST ONE BIG $#@%$@#$@ {words i am not going to say there might b kid’s reading this}


Vegeta-inc if you are a regular DC++ user, then this is one of the reasons why I don’t go to the hubs anymore.


wat do u mean. :rolleyes: if u r talking about the bit virus it was not me and u should know if u share virus or trojan u will b banded


Damn it Vegeta your spelling really sucks, that´s all . . .

Cya :smiley: