Have a strange problem on my BenQ DW 1620 Drive :(

I was hoping you ppl could help me out.

I have just bought a new BenQ DW 1620 Burner.

I Plugged it into my PC, I started up, the machine found it and autoinnstalled it. I checked hardware device and it look all good there. I checked with nero infotool and I could not c any problem there.

Then I uppgraded to firmware B7M9, and that was all cool. it all worked.

I was woundering if the burner was fast so I have now burned out 3dvd+ disk and one cd-r disk. and it all work great. perfeckly results. But then I have a small weird problem here that really crack me up.

when I put in a dvd or a cd into the BenQ DW 1620 drive, then the drive cant find it. I press f5 and then it find it. I then double click it and I get up this error. Cant find autoinstall.exe.

sometimes it dont even help when I press f5. If I take out a disk e.g Die hard 1 wich I just burned out. the drive still says I have that disc inside. I try to press f5 but it still cant c that there are no disk in the drive.

I just wounder why ???

I don`t have autorun on, can that be it?? and how does I turn autorun on.

After I putted in the BenQ DW 1620 Drive I also seem to get the same problem on my PlexWriter burner. (BenQ = master PlexWriter = slave) should I take out that other burner and take in a normal CD/DVD-rom and c if that helps??

you ppl got any tips for me??

Hope I explained the problem okey.


What F5 for? What software you using? If you’re using XP I would disable XP’s buring software.

f5 = refresh.

I am using xp. How do I disable XP`s burning software and what are you thinking of there??

how to I turn autorun on ?

You go to Control Panel, Adimistrative tools, Services, then look for “IMAPI” highlight and right click and select properties and in the middle somewhere select “disable”. Also look for “Messenger” and do the same thing.

And you think this will solve my problem that the driver don`t know when I take the cd out or in??

will test it when i get home
Thank you for the awser.

Other opinions are well taken :slight_smile:


Well if you don’t use XP burning software, it can’t hurt and would would wise.

it could be a problem with your IDE channel…try putting the drive on one cable as master, with no slave, and see what happens
also try reversing the order of the 2 drives