Have a serious registry problem i need some help! (HP pavilion ze5415EA)

[qanda]This thread is about the HP pavilion ze5415EA. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok so i had some problems with my laptop the other day because it would not recognize my external dvd drive that ive had for months. Every time i would try to pop in a dvd or cd i couldnt play it because my E: drive was nowhere in sight only my d: drive would show up and it was really frustrating. Even nero would not recognize it. So i googled it and i found out i had to delete my “upper filters” and “lower filters” in a certain section of my registry.

well it worked perfectly but every time i would reboot my E: drive would dissappear again and i would have to do the whole process over again. somehow i deleted the wrong folder and now when i reboot my mouse and keyboard no longer work.

i cant do anything but when i reboot i can get into my bios and use the keyboard but i already tried resetting the bios and that did nothing. i cant boot from my xp cd because every time i try windows fails to start and i’m asked whether i want to boot in normal or safe mode. obviously i can boot it up fine but i cant get into the command prompt to fix this because my mouse and keyboard will not work at all i cant do a thing but stare at the screen pretty much. how the hell do i fix this? this is really frustrating


start in Safe Mode and see if you can recover a System Restore point.


yeah, i already tried to start in safe mode and the same thing happens. mouse will not work, keyboard wont do anything either. that was my initial plan to just try to do a system restore, but i’ve tried to start in safe mode as well as safe mode with command prompt but theres nothing i can do once it loads.

Then boot from your Windows install disc. You need to press a key to not boot from the HDD again.

already tried that. everytime i try to boot from the install disc i get that black screen where it says “windows did not start successfully”. my options from there are to start windows normally, in safe mode, or in safe mode with command prompt. i’m not sure what to do since i’ve tried all 3 and i just go back to the same problem i had before.

[QUOTE=tony_fakes;2303928]already tried that. everytime i try to boot from the install disc i get that black screen where it says “windows did not start successfully”…[/QUOTE]Have you pressed a key when you were prompted to?

If you have a usb keyboard start your computer after it boots then plug in the keyboard and do your system restore.

yeah i pressed enter when it said “press any key to boot from cd”, so i know its trying to boot from the disc. if i dont press anything it will just load windows normally with no problem. I havent tried using a usb keyboard yet, but i’ve already tried to plug in a mouse from another computer into the mouse port instead of using my touchpad on the laptop but it still didnt work.

ok so i’ve tried using a separate mouse and keyboard that i plugged in to my laptop and neither one will work. obviously my touchpad wont work and i have no way of doing a system restore because i cant get windows to do anything once its booted up. my xp cd wont work because of the reason i stated above. Is there any way to fix this anyone???

Did you plug them in AFTER it had finished booting?

yep. tried to plug them in both before booting and also after booting. windows usually tells you it recognizes new hardware when you plug something in but that never happened when i tried the keyboard or mouse


are you able to get a live Linux CD or DVD which you can boot from?


ok so i finally got ahold of a linux cd and tried to boot from that, but ofcourse the same black screen showed up saying “we apologize for the inconvenience, but windows did not start successfully” and then it asks me how i want to boot the computer: normally, safe mode, etc.

This is really frustrating, because usually when something horrible happens to my computer i can just pop in the xp cd, reboot, and wipe out the hdd and install a fresh copy of windows. now i cant do that. please somebody help me out here

Since the original problem was the external drive could not read a disc and you can not boot to that drive, I’m guessing the drive no longer works.

Try another dvd drive.