Have a problem with the Lite-on combo SOHC-4832K

I accidentally ejected the CD from the CD-ROm, while watching a video on the lite-on combo SOHC-4832K. Now the CD-ROm does not read any data or audio CD’s. But it seems there is no problem with DVD’s.
I uninstalled the drive for this device and then re-installed again. But could not overcome the problem. What would you suggest.

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile: Thanks for the PM. I’ll answer here.

It’s usually not good news when this happens. Most times it’s a fault with the drive (the laser unit). Try booting to a bootable disc (like the Windows CD). Make sure “boot from CD-ROM” is enabled in the BIOS. If it won’t do this, then it really has to be the drive at fault. Let us know how you get on. :wink:

First of all thank you for your quick response.

When I did this, the computer restarted just as the way it used to do. The same thing happen when I place a CD on the drive.

The green led lights for a while then stops and then blinks twice. 3 seconds of darkness and then blinks twice again.

If a laser fault is on, then how can it read the DVD’s?

There are two separate laser used for CD and DVD reading. :wink:

Thanks once again for the quick response.
Then I think there really is a laser problem with the CD-ROM.