Have a problem with AnyDVD!

I recently bought and paid for AnyDVD. I went thru the process of the online payment and they confirm it. My mistake is that I was not able to copy down the reference no. What I did instead was to go ahead to the installed trial version thinking that it will be activated. But to no luck, nothing was happening. So I tried emailing Slysoft several times and each time they just replied me with a new license key no. which I have four rightnow. They never did confirm back thru email regarding my purchase. What should I do? Can anyone help me?

if you have been sent a key in an email then detach this key file to your desktop and then double click on the key file. this will then register your copy of ANYDvd…

BTW…once you have done this make sure to backup this key file to a CD.

the T & C’s that you agreed to stated that if you loose this file it is upto Slysoft whether they supply a new one or not.