Have a dvd file on my HD, need to make VCD

I have a DVD file, and Ive been following a tutorial to convert it to vcd.

The tutorial is at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=59422

and uses DVD2AVI to create a d2v file. The next thing is to feed the d2v file along with the audio file into TMPGenc. This is where I get stuck. TMPGenc doesnt take the d2v file as input. What is going wrong, or is there some other tool needed as well?

  1. Do NOT delete or move your *.VOB files yet as the *.D2V file is only a pointer to your ripped VOB files and not an encoded Video file.

You didn’t delete the vobs did you?

No I did not delete the VOB. I saved the d2v file and the other audio file to the same directory as the VOB files, but tmpgenc still does not want to take the d2v file as input. The dropdown box for filetype when it shows me the file open dialog doesnt even have a d2v file specification. Is the TMPGenc version I have a wrong choice. It is version TMPGenc Plus 2.5. I also have TMPGenc 2.5 but that doesnt have a d2v spec for file open either


It does mention TMPGEnc Pro 2.521 or later so i’d check that.