Have a drink in the CD Freaks Pub

I would like to welcome everyone who wants to have a drink. This Pub is open 24/7 and has comfortable seats. Since it’s not very strict we’ll use the Dutch laws concering alcohol. This means of course no alcohol for kids below 16 (sorry about that Ben and others) and no high percentage drinks before your 18th birthday.

I’ll take a beer and I would like to hand out a free drink to everyone who enters the CD Freaks Pub for the first time.

MMmmm hair of the dog on a monday afternoon, make mine a pint. prefebly english bitter :bigsmile:

can i smoke in here?

Hell yah! Dutch laws in here… Maybe light up a joint if you stand close to the exit. I don’t mind! :wink:

I like a Smirnoff Ice and for the people who want, I have some White Widow left.

Well I think it’s YES :slight_smile: but only because you have a Special Status under your Name :slight_smile:

I’ll be there In 5 Minutes but I must warn you Mr Hunt I drink like a FISH :slight_smile:

i’ll take some of the White Widow and some Rizlas please…i just ran dry…

i dont smoke tabacco now so ill bring my bong :smiley:

No positive discrimination please.

Anyone want a pre-rolled?

A.K.A Jamacan Woodbine :cool:

I prefer a self made tweaked version, with own design filter system…

any one fancy a game of darts: 501 and nearist the bull goes first

@acko, I don’t play darts while drinking. :smiley:

I like a malibu :slight_smile:

I’m really 16 :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Got any Delirium Tremens?

Pour me a Laphroaig please!

And oh… a Burning motherf#cker for the blonde lady over there!

You mean a B52 shot by “Burning M#therfucker” :wink:

You’re not. Here’s a jus d’orange.

<-- Look over there

See… i’m 16 :iagree: :slight_smile: :iagree: :slight_smile: :iagree:

does it look anything like this one :bigsmile: