Have 4 USb ports but can not run all at the same time!

This is my problem …

i have 4 USB 2.0 ports . Two are already occupied by a small HP 3650 printer and the other one is a wireless linksys adapter.

for my flash drive to work, i have to disconnect the wireless adapter first otherwise my PC won’t show or run my flash drive in MyComputer.

How can i solve this please. Thankx.

Get an USB hub.

this is a good idea .Thankx. but why is this happening ?

A known usb flaw is its illogical “power.management”…

I had a similar problem. I was forced to buy a usb hub and I haven’t had any problems since.

I concur, that’s probably the reason.


thank you all for your help. I think i will use a hub to solve this problem.

Make sure to get a powered (with a wall-wart) hub.