Hauppauge wintv cinema pro card probs


ibe got a hauppauge wintv card with a s3trio 64v 3d graphics card.

compaq deskpro 2000
128meg ram

My prob is that i when i open up the wintv software and scan i pick up all the channels including sky which is linked into the aerial lead going into the tv card. It picks up the sound but no picture??

The box where the picture should be is light green with yellow horizontal lines at the bottom and right hand side??

the correct drivers are installed and everything should be working ok but it aint?

i tried a 3dfx voodoo with tv out and that didnt work either same thing?? i know the card works…

i have disabled the onboard graphics chip through bios and device manager.

has anybody got any ideas??


I had a very similar problem…its down to multiple MPEG decoders on your PC.

If you have something like powerdvd then that will be the cause…email haupauge support, tell them anything that decodes video on your pc, and they’ll help.