Hauppauge Nova TD – USB stick now thinks it’s a mono unit



Having solved the challenge to install drivers for vista and the Nova TD stick and successfully recording one TV channel while watching another, Everything suddenly changed and windows MCE now only sees the Nova as a single tuner.

The only thing I can put this down to is the automatic updates as that’s all that changed.

The Device manager shows 2 drivers one Nova T and one Nova TD.
When I uninstall the Nova T driver Windows puts it back on at the next boot without asking permission.

Retuning MCE only finds a single tuner although Win TV 7 from Hauppauge lists the device as a Nova TD.

As I use MCE I would like to use it on a Dual tuner, can anyone offer a solution?

Regards Sid

PS: I redirected this question as per suggestions.


Assuming it’s Windows update that changed the driver, you can try doing a rollback. With the Nova TD plugged in, go into the device manager and properties of one of the drivers and then into the “Driver” tab. Then click “Rollback”, which will let you restore a previous driver:

Repeat for the other driver. It’s quite possible that Windows update may have updated one of the drivers, but not the other.


Thanks for you input Sean.

I tried doing what you recommended but no rollback option was available on either driver.

However uninstalling the Nova-TD diver using the delete option removed both drivers, and Vista restarted. Once the stick was connected Vista put them both back on without any option not to.

So I uninstalled the Nova-T driver and the OS kept the TD version. On reboot it asked to install a driver. I cancelled with the option do not ask again for this device, but it continues to do so on every connection.

Device Manager now shows a Nova-TD diver installed and the Nova-T as an Other Device and no driver installed. The TV works in this situation.

We have a clue of what is wrong. With both drivers installed the TD shows under driver details 3 paths to driver files, the T only 1 path.

So hence the confusion. I may have to rollback windows. I do have the update to Windows7 option and the disks if this is a better option.

Regards Sid


Unfortunately my Hauppauge Nova stick is just a single tuner, so I’m unable to experiment here.

One thing you can try doing is disabling the driver of the tuner that works and then experiment with the other tuner driver to see if you can get it working. If you manage to get that one working in MCE or other DVB tuner software, you can try re-enabling the other tuner to see if both show up.

A rollback is another thing worth trying, as you can undo it if it doesn’t work. If this works, keep an eye on the tuner when Vista downloads and installs the updates released since the time of that roll-back date.

If you are ready to move to Windows 7, in my opinion it’s well worth the upgrade. :slight_smile: