Hauppauge gets around DRM

I just posted the article Hauppauge gets around DRM.

Satellite boxes with a built-in PVR have the disadvantage that recorded programs can’t be dumped to an external storage. Many PVRs have an SATA output which allows you to transfer your programming…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14503-Hauppauge-gets-around-DRM.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14503-Hauppauge-gets-around-DRM.html)

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Freakin’ sweet ! I’ll buy that, maybe even 2 just to spite the industry a$$holes who get angry because I want to preserve my recordings like I was able to do for decades with a VCR ! It looks like the bundled software will let you edit and remove commercials. Nice.
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Sky in the UK are removing the component outputs from their HD STBs, leaving HDMI as the only high definition output. Therefore, this Hauppauge PVR will only be of use to those whom have older version Sky HD boxes.

All your programming can be played back on a high-definition (Blu-ray) player CD FREAKs ,NEVER MISS A CHANCE TO PROMOTE sony or blurubish ROOTKIT ANYONE ?

can’t wait for a complete independent review!!! Finally, (I hope) I’ll be able to archive HD off my Cox/SA 8300 HD…now buying a PS3 or HD DVD player is starting to look better all the time

Here is what you do, open the cover to your settop; Take out the HDD; Install HDD up to PC; Copy data off HDD; Put HDD back in settop. Had a 120GB satellite recorder box that I wasn’t going to use anymore once I went back to cable. Well, decided that it was a waste of a perfectly good HDD to just let it set and collect dust so I open the case and then took out the 120 GB HDD and installed in my PC. And the kicker is, it was free due to a satellite promotion. :slight_smile: