Hate Vista? Dell Now Charging $150 Extra for Windows XP (MSFT)



We know that many consumers just don’t like Windows Vista. But just how much more will people pay for a copy of the now nominally off-the-market Windows XP?

Link: http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/12/hate-vista-dell-now-charging-150-extra-for-windows-xp-msft



:Z DELL ( Cheap parts )


Xp Pro SP3 Systembuilder @Newegg: 139,99 USD

Edit: They (Dell USA) still charge the same price for Vista Business and for Vista Business with XP Pro downgrade, at least for the Vostro 1310 and the 1510 (2510) notebook and a Vostro 420 desktop I selected randomly.

So I consider this article just FUD.

Dell Germany charges extra 15 EUR for “Vista Business to XP downgrade”, but they ship Vista Business media



Fouled Up Disinformation :bigsmile:

Yup! I would have to agree. Although it’s something for those who purchase Dell’s to keep their eye on.



DELLS CEO must be one of OBAMAS advisors


What has this post got to do with Obama?




Like JAMES said nothing except that his advisor
is giving advice to DELLS CEO.


What’s more, you’ll have to pay for Vista Business in order to qualify for a retrograde (yes, I call that a “retrograde,” not a “downgrade”) to Windows XP (Professional). Furthermore, that option is available only on their business systems, not their home systems (where Windows Vista Business isn’t offered even as an option).


[quote=Sysbase;2174789]This answer is easy. It probably cost them more to make Windows Xp Professional since they don’t sell as many copies and as time goes by will become out of date. Plus with the price hike less people want it. [/quote]Just look at post #3 of this thread. You pay for the upgrade from Vista Basic to Vista Business. If you want XP Pro, you get the “downgrade/retrograde” with a Vista Business (or Ultimate) license [I]for free[/I] (not in .de). And since you bought a Vista Business (or Ultimate) license, you can switch to Vista later if you like. The installation media comes with the computer.