Hate this drive

Hi chaps. Im here to complain about my stupidity today. I bought the LG GSA-E40N external dvd writer. I was expecting read speads of dl media of up to 12x like my benq 1650 and pioneer dvr-111 handle easily, But no, this thing only reads at a max of 5x, its capped :Z. So i can only really use it for writing dl media. What a waste of time and money. Sigh. I’m sure its a good drive for others but for me, if a drive has capped read speeds then its junk.

Why don’t you remove the riplock with MCE?

[QUOTE=Psh;2013720]Why don’t you remove the riplock with MCE?[/QUOTE]

ooh ooh, where? How? :kiss: Thanks for the advice.

Hi :slight_smile:
Using MCSE just load the f/w & check the Readspeed box.
Save this ‘patched’ f/w & use to flash drive.
Not sure if MCSE will function with this f/w.
Check the MCSE [B][U]thread:[/U][/B].

Wow, this’s brilliant. I just did the patch, works a charm. I’m ripping a dl dvd at around 10x. Thanks guys. Im longer a hater of this drive:kiss::bow::clap: