Hate hanging from the ceiling to watch flicks

Hi all,

I’ve been rendering downloaded Bin Cue files. I’ve extracted them from WinRar and run them through my ISO Buster. I’ve then filtered and extracted the MPEG 2 files, then taken the resulting MPEG 2 files and have begun to run them through VSO’s DivxToDVD2.

The problem: While checking DivxToDVD2’s onboard Preview screen, I see that the video is upside down (I so hate standing on my head OR hanging from the ceiling when watching movies).
Rather than stand on my head to watch this flick, can we instead flip the video around ? That way I could sit comfortably on my tush to watch it instead. :D)

Not being familiar with this problem, could someone guide me in how to correct this annoying issue ?

Though I don’t know how it would apply, my PC specs are:
Pent 4, 2.84 GHz processor
1024MB of RAM with approx. 700MB available for rendering files
740GB of HD with approx. 200GB Free

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Why are you doing an MPEG2->MPEG2 conversion with DivxToDVD?

Why are you doing an MPEG2->MPEG2 conversion with DivxToDVD?

Several reasons:

1. The original was in a PAL format and I wanted it in NTSC.

2. Since I was rendering it anyway, it was easier to add chapters to the video every 5 minutes using DivxToDVD2.

3. Not knowing for sure iffin’ it was in a widescreen format, I could easily do that as well with DivxToDVD2.

Kind of killing a flock of birds with one shotgun blast as it were ~

[i]You’ve a better way to accomplish my end ?


If the final resulting Picture is in fact Topsy Turvy - Whilst it is not Freeware: Win AVI has a feature to Flip the Pic. Maybe the bin is a bit of a dud or created by a nOOb.