Has Your Job upgraded to Vista

I thought some of you might find this interesting. I work at one of the biggest Industrial Parks in the USA, there are over 3000 small businesses and a few very large ones. We have a meeting once a month to discuss business and how we can improve the Industrial area we work in. We discuss everything from traffic and parking to what software we all use. This week I was the main speaker. I was very interested in seeing how many businesses have upgraded to Vista. In all there are about 15,000 PCs in the Park. The results were amazing. Not one, and I repeat not one company has upgraded to the Vista platform yet. Is your company upgrading and if so, what would be their upside for doing so now? I have to believe that Vista to this point is a failure. Some said when Microsoft no longer supports XP they will have to upgrade but that will not be until 2013. Will Vista stand the test of time? We will see.:disagree:

When i was working in a similar park in Anaheim,CA the office used MAC’s as there were more programs for their type of business. But they also used zip drives for backing up :bigsmile: this was 3 1/2 yrs ago.

I have also heard most buisnesses say that they will not upgrade to vista until the XP product lifecycle is over. Why spend millions of dollars on new hardware and software if it doesn’t do anything you need it too better?

Most of the new features in Vista are benificial to the end user, not so much to buisness productivity. Some of the features I am referring to are DX10, which appeals to every gamer, and AERO which appeals to most people. Vista is a new platform built from the ground up. And is infact nothing more than a stepping stone to MS’s next OS. Vista will catch on, as it is being sold on every new PC in every retail location I have seen.

If you have a newer fast PC, and newer peripherals, I’d recommend VISTA to anyone. It just takes some getting used to. Most of the changes over Winxp are positive, in reguards to ease of use.

I am in the IT feild and use Vista daily, the best feature is the search box. I hate actually looking for things on XP boxes now.

Vista is not in general an acceptable upgrade especially due to potential software issues. I know a few large companies that have “banned” Vista and I totally agree. No need to upgrade really…

Still using a green screen system.

It needs to die and horrible death.

The XP lifecycle is due to end in 2013, do you really think that Microsoft can benefit until then with just gamers and computer geeks , if business does not adapt to Vista it will die a horrible death. Not all computers are packed with RAM and compatible software for someone to take the chance of upgrading, and make their computer software incompatible. I think its another " ME " and will will replaced before the lifecycle of XP is finished.


it looks like Vista is already dead, a bigger disaster and Failure than “ME”

Windows 2k Pro and/on Linux servers at my work*. :slight_smile:

No talk about Vista at all, most probably our next OS will be Linux based. :iagree:

*My organization is part of department of justice .

Currently XP Pro and some 2K Pro systems at mine. The IT guys are discussing upgrading to Vista, and I mentioned that so far it has been slow to see a light outside of gamers. One of them disagreed with me (the same one that hasn’t a clue on what thermal paste is) on it being a complete failure to this date and insists that it will be better than XP in the very near future. :disagree:

Hi :slight_smile:
My company has made the the move to Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
N.B. Their parent company (even bigger) is going to be Vistafied from the end of the month.
Sales of Vista in the UK have risen for the third month in a row.

we just switched over from 2k pro to xp pro about 9 month ago, our IT department says no need for vista at all.

one thing I’m really afraid of is the switch from Novell GroupeWise to MS Outlook which will happen in the next few weeks, a step back imo.

Admin has already switched to Vista (done when they purchased new PC’s).
The computer science classes are still predominately MAC. But will be replaced when funds allow with Vista based PC’s.

In case you didnt know, in Europe both HP (Compaq) and Fujitsu Siemens Computers provide “downgrade” options for all their business computers. :slight_smile:

My office is currently using a mix of Vista and XP. I happen to use XP, so I’m holding out on the changes for as long as possible.

my work (offshore) has just upgraded to XP Pro, Shell has probably paid for it as it’s their platform.

i’ve just bought a laptop with XP Pro, it’s now got 2GB or RAM, i probably only upgrade when i have to.

as Dizzy say’s, theres been some ad’s in PC mags here saying some manufacture’s are offering downgrade disc’s for folk that does’nt like vista

The agency, I work at are still using 2000, NT, and XP pro O/S for their networks and communitcations. I have yet to hear about any changes to the O/S over to vista. Even from the IT personnel have yet to mention the switch over.

Just as I assumed, we had a staff meeting last week and at the end of the meeting I asked our IT Manager and CFO when we were going to upgrade to Vista and he asked for a show of hands. Not one was raised, then the IT Manager said , " Let talk about it again in 2013 when XP is no longer supported. Well, I tried. :o

is that a good thing or bad thing to you? i take it you want it.

Well, its like this, I get it free because we buy a volume liscense, I could have both this way, XP Pro and Vista, I don’t really want it but I would like to see what all the fuss is about. LOL.:iagree:

Well someone is buying it, Vista sold 20 million copies within 30 days of launch.

I am just saying that, Vista’s first month sales are better than Windows 2000, and slightly worse than Windows XP (~4% less, and this does not include 1 week of new computer sales because Vista’s launch was different).

It is very hard to say what will come of it. I am sure it is not the next ME. It doesn’t crash enough to get that award.

We sell more and more new computers every week, its not like people will ever stop buying them, especially as power vs. price continues to increase. I doubt that the mainstream will ever move away from any MS OS. Microsoft could care less if you buy Windows XP or Vista. Either way you are buying one of thier titles.

As more and more executives/manangers use Vista and get used to it because it is on all thier newer home computers. IT people can think whatever they want, as they convert every system to Vista. I have gotten plently of memos telling me todo stupid terrible things at work, because someone higher up thinks its a great idea.

It is inevitable, accept your fate.

For the record I run Vista Ultimate x64, since before RTM release, and I have NEVER gotten a BSOD. And I do some crazy shit to my computer.