Has Windows DRM 10 been cracked on WMV files?

I just posted the article Has Windows DRM 10 been cracked on WMV files?.

ivanzeta used our news submit to tell us "I thought it was almost impossible to crack this one. But someone did it, and it"s not the same guy from HYMN. Microsoft hasn"t made any comments…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9825-Has-Windows-DRM-10-been-cracked-on-WMV-files.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9825-Has-Windows-DRM-10-been-cracked-on-WMV-files.html)

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Blood in the water? I love a good feeding frenzy, especially if the meat on the table is DRM. :slight_smile:

If it’s true everyone will know about it…if it is BS then it won’t go far. I am sceptical about it as the rumour makes no mention of the group or give any info really.

Fair use… I paid for the songs, I shouldn’t be shackled to use them. If I want to put them on my PC at work I should be able to. Stop letting the rotten apples spoil the bunch.

if this is true then ABOUT TIME was getting nervous :B

Then please rip Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition DVD where they have that uber high resolution file! :X

Well, i have the TERMINATOR2 EXTREME edition original, that is the one that has the WMV edition on dvd2. I wish somebody cracks that bastard because i bought that dvd and it can only be played inside the USA, so microsoft checks the IP and then gives you the OK to play the movie. What kind of bastard does that kind of copy protection against a legitimate owner that actually paid for that crap version of the film? Besides the film was released like more than a year ago asking for a 3ghz cpu and a bunch of ram… something that almost nobody had at that time. so i say… screw the corporation, they dont really think about the people (legitimate owner and buyer), they just think about profit.

And do you know why it needs a 3Ghz CPU? Because of the overhead of the DRM! If it were a normal file, the requirements would be a lot lower.

DRM for WMA files is useless. I am allowed to burn the song 10 times. So I burn the song and pop the CD back into the drive and then rip it. No DRM. No DUH.

Thats on the point, you lose quality by burning to cd and transcoding again. Breaking DRM is about getting a bit for bit copy of the music you legally bought.

asking in shock Who the hell uses DRM? I know I don’t and i know I won’t. Ever. Oh, By the way, I use FRAPS to get movie scenes that I like :B

If you burn to cd and then transcode again you do lose quality – not in the burning stage itself (assuming a good DAE program) – but in the transcoding phase. However, if the encoder is good enough then it should be pretty much unnoticable. Burning to CD and then re-ripping is a royal pain in the rear however.