Has this ever happened to you

My ex-gf was an awesome cook. Eating her cooking over a few years blew me up to where I became the Goodyear Blimp. Well with her being an ex now I have been losing weight. I have lost approximately 55 pounds. However, I threw out all my old-old clothes and since I want to lose more weight I am still wearing clothes that I wore 55 pounds ago. I flew to Philadelphia, Pa on a business trip and while walking down the steps of the plane after we landed my pants went down and I mooned Philadelphia. I found this to be incredibly funny and I could not stop laughing, but I felt like crawling into the baggage compartment and staying there.

Has anybody ever had an experience similar to this?

Sorry, but I would never admit to that…and Philly probably ought to get mooned more often.

no that hasn’t ever happened to me…i’ve never been to Phillidelphia…:smiley: just laugh about it and act like you ment to do and go on…

In answer to that other thread I am very happy now that I shower a couple of times a day. It also proves that old saying about making sure you wear clean underwear.

for sure…

because i would have peed in my pants if i was there…from laughing so hard…

not really …but i would have laughed greatly …inside…

BTW if my rear end shows up in the Philadelphia Inquirer I’ll be sure to mention that I am a member of this forum.

haha, that hasn’t happened to me. Were you wearing a belt :wink:

Just great. Another skid mark on the tarmac. :bigsmile:

That almost happened to me this past weekend in Little Rock, AR @ my buddys wedding. LOL!

Yes I was and it was down to the last hole. I give thanks that it did not happen when I was interviewing. But perhaps it would have caused the girl in charge of human resources to increase the offer.

i was in jr high @ a basketball practice, and one guy depantsed another while he was talking to some ladies. he fixed himself quickly and ran off after the guy. it wasnt til later when i heard him yelling “you got my boxers too” that i realized why he was so pissed :smiley:

dont worry. you are tame compared to this guy -> www.tuckermax.com

Haha this is very funny. I guess you won’t forget about your trip to Philadelphia :smiley:

Went to work last summer with my skirt on inside out :o and no one told me, also a couple of years ago in london i was wearing hold up stockings, Glos and i was late for meeting some people and we was running, well the hold up on one leg jsut kept on slipping down i spent most of the evening bending down to pull the damm thing up, and no before you think why didnt she jsut take them off, i couldnt my shoes would never have gone back on without the hold ups:p oh and one last thing that is highly embarissing and probly happened to most girls…at the tender age of 13 jsut getting boobies and went to the local lido in me cool bikini i so wanted to impress a boy there and dived in the pool only to surface in front of said boy with my top round me neck :o

I wish I was there…

At what age? :bigsmile:

This would have been your real response, because if the tables were turned it would have been mine.

And after your great fit of laughter you would have found me in the baggage compartment, in a fetal position, a broken man and all because of you and the fact that Philadelphia will never be the same.