Has the time come for a dual layer burner?

My current burner is a nec nd-1100. I recently bought a spindle of 50 maxell dvd-r’s, but that didn’t work out:

So the question is: Should I buy a dual layer burner? I think it’s stupid if your buying a new single layer writer, unless you’re a freak who buys a new one every month :stuck_out_tongue: But are these dual burners already as good as the single layer burners? I will be using the burner to backup dvd’s and games, watch movies and rip cd’s with EAC. It should do at least -R’s.

A DVD R- costs around 0,36€, this is 0,08€ / 1GB

A Dual Layer DVD costs around 13€, this is 1,53€ / 1 GB

so… at the moment Dual Layer is, for myself, tooo expensive :wink:

If you have a working DVD Recorder that just does not have Dual Layer support, then it does not worth to upgrade yet. But if you are about to purchase a new DVD recorder now, then due to the similar prices, you get a 16x one with Dual Layer support

I kinda agree with what has been said above. Yes the DL discs are expensive at the moment but they will get cheaper. And yes, if you are to buy a new DVD burner get a DL. Why go back to a SL?..unless you find a good second hand and keep it until DL media becomes affordable and new DL drives hit the market that would burn faster than x4 which is the standard for today.

My current drive only supports +R and my pioneer hifi dvd recorder doe -R. It would be easier to buy the same media for both. If I buy a new dual layer, I can burn normal dingle layers for now, and LATER when the prices go down, I can also burn dual layers. The question is, are the dual layer burners AS GOOD as the single layer burners? When the prices for media go down, perhaps my drive will be kindof old and slow…
If I buy one, which one? Any reviews, opinions?
Here’s a local pc shop http://www.loveno.be/?page=shop/browse&category_id=574cbe26e0121924dfa9258e5d774cb9&=