Has the DVD movie become Hollywoods saviour?



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Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10783-Has-the-DVD-movie-become-Hollywoods-saviour.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10783-Has-the-DVD-movie-become-Hollywoods-saviour.html)

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The sad thing is: they never would agree to that (officially).


It’s not so much that the DVD buyer is less demanding that theatre goers. I don’t think the figures quoted are JUST for DVD BUYERS. From the quote: “Together with videos, they kick in $55.6 billion, or about two-thirds of the industry’s annual haul, with box-office receipts making up most of the rest.” If they look at the figures that way, that 55.6 billion probably takes into account rentals too. These figures are supposed to represent the annual take for the movie industry, and I can’t see rentals being insignificant here. At $3-$5 for a rental vs $13-$17 for a theatre ticket, people are going to be much more likely to try out a movie that’s got a bad rep on rental. If the theatres were to lower their admission prices, it’d still be more expensive than rentals, but more people might come out to check out more movies.


Isn’t it laughable when business “experts” make predictions and assumptions based on their 20/20 hindsight…:X


Luckily for us Belgians that a theater ticket costs between 4€ and 8€, whereas the latter is for the overpriced Kinepolis while the 4€ is for tuesdays at Euroscoop (in my opinion, FAR better than Kinepolis even). Only problem is, some movies can take months to be shown in Belgium…


I am going to Kinepolis this evening and I’ll pay 6€ not 8€… If you buy a “100 day card”, you pay 5€40. I wonder how you pay 8€ at Kinepolis. :d