Has somebody the zip File with Herrie's 2.17 FW?

Hi Everybody,

a few weeks ago i downloaded a zip File from
Herries Page but due to some Freaks the page is down!

Bad luck to me i deleted the file on my HD! :a

He offered different zip Files for download.
I`m looking for the zip file with the windowsloader
and different files (Speed lock, RPC1)
does sombody have this file?


Welcome to forum

Do you have a ND-25*0 or ND-3500 drive?


Try this download http://upload.cdfreaks.com/rdgrimes/3500_217bs.rar

Upps sorry , NEC ND 3500

…thanks for the file…



You’re welcome! You asked for the 2.17 firmware so it must be the 3500.

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With regard to NEC OEM firmware hambo-jambo, I shouldn´t be that sure.

There is a NEC-2510 2.16 fw with this revisions;
CD-R version: 1.15
CD-RW version: 1.14
DVD-R version: 1.34f
DVD-RW version: 1.27f
DVD+R version: 1.34f
DVD+RW version: 1.25f
DVD+R9 version: 1.15f

And there is a NEC-2510 2.f7 OEM firmware;
CD-R version: 1.15
CD-RW version: 1.14
DVD-R version: 1.36f
DVD-RW version: 1.28f
DVD+R version: 1.35f
DVD+RW version: 1.25f
DVD+R9 version: 1.15f
In details by Liggy here.

There are also rumours, about new official NEC (2.17) firmware on the way, anyday.

And who knows what Herrie has been up the last weeks. I don´t.
But, there may be members with more inside information then me. :wink:
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BTW, here is the original NEC-3500 2.17 thread by Herrie.

It’s silent around Herrie. Maybe this has to do with his (new) girlfriend and living together :bigsmile:

Now in Dutch: Herrie laat eens wat van je horen…