Has Ritek Always Been Poor Quality?

Hi there,

When I started burning DVD’s about 18 months ago, my local store recommended Ritek as the most compatible with standalone DVD players etc,
and also the dark purple made it the most readable by DVD-ROMs.

Is this a myth?

Also I’ve tried many different types and brands of disc and found Ritek to be one of the worst :frowning: I’ve used different burners at different speeds :eek:

Has Ritek always been so unreliable or is this a recent phenomena?

Any ideas welcome :bigsmile:



I can only tell you this from my experience. I have used Ritek/data -R G04’s for what seems like ever with some very impressive results. I believe that when Ritek farmed out the manufacturing of G05’s to different sites that the quality control went down hill. With that said, I do believe that the company caught wind of this and stepped up their quality standards with the farmed sites and are making some very good disk now. I can not verify this since I for one will not take the chance and get burnt again with the G05 variants. I am sure someone will post after me and tell you that the “NEWER” branded G05’s are excellent media, and Im not going to dissagree with them. Its just that once you get bad media its very hard to give it a second go around. I also heard rumor that Ritek is going to stop the manufacturing of G04’s. I only hope this isnt true since this is one of the best media one can buy even if its only 4x speed.

This is only my experience and may differ from others.

I’ve used the G04’s and G05’s (DVD-R) and found that they are both poor performers :a

I wasted my money on Ritek D01 DVD+R DL at £3 a disk :a (whatever that works out as through a currency converter to your local money)

Its put me off ever buying Ritek again in any format :frowning: :frowning:


Ritek does, and always has, sell OEM media with varying specs and materials. So one batch of G04 does not always equal another. Add to that the fact that quality control between batches is variable, and what you get is media that is at best variable and at worst unreliable. G03, G04 and G05 have all suffered the same issues, as has the R01 and R02, etc.

We have seen the same complaints here ever since people have been testing media, that one batch performs very differently than the next. Some burners seem to aggrivate the differences. Of the larger Taiwanese media sellers, Ritek generates the most complaints here as far as DVDR goes.

Personally, I would not buy Ritek, there’s other options that are more reliable. There are burners that generally seem to handle it very well, like Pioneer and NEC, but many burners just puke it out.

Well i have used ritek G03,G04 and Some G05’s. The makes like ridisc and datawrite which i have used have given good results about 85% of the time, but when using Traxdata(riteks own brand) and Ritek Branded i have had excellent results. In fact i would say that the traxdata discs are the best discs ive used, going from G03 to G05.

I burn them with a Pioneer A05

I would have to disagree with you there, check out my latest scan of the FULL FACE WHITE PRINTABLE G05 Traxdata that I have done on my NEC 3520 (now with PI/PO scanning… :iagree: )


I’m testing some older RIDATA 4X DVD-R that I did on my Pioneer 105 last year which were giving me some problems, should have those results soon.

Watch this space.

Sexy curves! :cool:

G04 and G05 and R03 are all hit or miss. There is no point in wasting money on a crap shoot.

NEC’s usually burn - (dash)R’s fairly good. That’s a horrible burn.

This RIDATA is just as good :Z :

Going to pick out all my RITEKs and check them for quality. If these 2 are any examples of “Quality RITEK”, then I’d best hurry to transfer them to other brands/dyes. What do people think of CMC, or PRODISC. I can’t afford TY or VERBS on my salary!!

For the best quality Ritek discs you need to buy a brand name such as RiDATA, Traxdata, Maxell, TDK, JVC, or Ricoh. Many people find that the unbranded inkjet printable Riteks going around are extremely variable and some batches are barely useable even with the best drives.


All my Ritek is branded and it is still hit or miss. It is usually readable though.

I dont use the printable surface ones, had a batch of printable ones(ritek branded,not traxdata) that i got about 35 or so good out of 50.The traxdatas i have used have always given me great results.G03’s where purple top with silver at the bottom, the G04s have a greyish silver top with black writing.Both of which have worked top notch.Oh and the traxdata 8CM dvd-rs work a treat on the GC.I’ll stick with traxdata as they work great for me.

Anyway i dont have much choice of anything else heres.Verbs in my opinion aint that good as my dvd player does’nt like them which is not that good for a disc which is meant to be one of the best discs and TY discs are just horrible overpriced here in the uk.

But Lopped sided

For your info I use BTC 1004 :Z Pioneer 108 (fw 1.20) and NEC 3520 (fw 3.04) burners.

The 108 is giving me probs with Ritek and the 3520 is not too bad…

They allready stopped months ago. What’s left is stock just like Ricohjpn 2.4x and 4x disc’s made by Ritek.

I believe they have a couple of lines still running for oem customers but the quantity is tiny.

I have used in excess of 400 Traxdata 8x dvd-r GO4-GO5 discs for movie back-ups with no burn problems whatsoever at 4x speed, these discs are Ritecs key brand alongside Ridata and Arita If you’re after printable discs they make the same discs as above in a printable version. Try www.dvdshoponline.co.uk or www.disccity.co.uk or www.rambox.co.uk for price comparisons. For a review on this disc go to www.cdr-zone.com and click Reviews and then Dvd Media Reviews. Also check http://www.traxdata.com/media/Compa...ility_Guide.pdf for compatibility with your burner.
I use Lite-on 1633s and 1673s dual layer 16x
P4 3.06 GHZ

My oldest, yet still working fine, disks are ritek G04 (approx 2 years)
My disks that failed quicker than I thought possible, were ritek G04 (less than 6 months)

I only ever used Ritek disks as they were such good quality, all disks tested as very good directly after the burns but first impressions aren’t all that counts it seems.

This forum has good reviews too! I wandered over to one of those forums, cdr-zone, just to check it out, looked at some Ritek / Bulkpaq reviews - they seemed glowing, no errors, burnt perfectly at much higher speed than rated - hmmm, not what many people here witness.