Has Qscan been updated?

Has Benq ever updated its Qscan software? Version 1.0 is all that they are showing on the global website, but I think I remembered reading about a newer version? Qsuite?

I think this is what you want…



I was thinking this person wanted to know if there was a 1.01 or newer version. I could be wrong. I don’t know of any new version

heh QSuite has QScan 1.1 =)


Thanks :slight_smile:

Is Qscan 1.1 any better than 1.0? Does the new Qscan more reliably determine if a disk can be burned at a certain speed? (Version 1.0 was usually too conservative).

Is there anywhere else to download Qsuite? The links given above do not seem to work.

Scandy > This one worked for me just a minute ago. You have to rename it. > http://jupiter.walagata.com/w/macclipper/setup.zip
Please remind that the .zip extension must be renamed to .exe!

there is a qsuite as what quikee posted…

For me, QSuite is WAY better than QScan alone. Why? Because old school like me is still using Win98SE, and the individual QScan application won’t work on win98se (or maybe it’s just my system)! However, QScan in QSuite works wonder. :slight_smile:

Besides, you get bunch of other toys to play with, so why the heck not? :wink:

I used QSuite yesterday and was able to answer my own questions.

QSuite has the equivalent of the stand-alone QScan and Booktype Management software rolled into one application. It also has a way to turn WOPC on and off, and also provides a way to turn Simulation mode on so that you could try “burning” at different speeds without really writing to the disk. (You don’t have to turn simulation mode on in your burning software, QSuite turns off burning in the drive instead - pretty cool).

I ran QScan and QSuite on the same disks and I determined that they both give you virtually the same graph, except that QSuite has the ability to test all the way to the outer edge of the disk because you can configure the starting and ending LBA (they are fixed in QScan).

Overall, I agree that QSuite is better than QScan alone.