Has production stoped on this program?



just wondering why there hasn`t been a update in like a age.
has updates stoped ?

will we ever get a v1.50 :stuck_out_tongue:

there is still some bugs that need addressing

includeing the one where some dvdmovies need copyed to hdd first becuse the program says it cant find VIDEO_TS.IFO file or VIDEO_TS folder.



I have never seen nor heard of the problem you mentioned. I would suspect your ripping process rather than D2O (I only use AnyDvd or DVDD ver. for ripping).
I think D2O has ‘lingered’ on 1.40 because it really has no flaws. Any future updates will be cosmetic and/or inclusive of some sort of ‘new features’. Hard telling when…


There are still flaws in D2O, for example when I backed up the movie “Bridge On The River Kwai” I noticed that the disk (or files on it) had been created in an odd way. The disk is not a flipper, but on what was clearly a Dual Layer disk, the movie was in two parts both about 1 hour 23 minutes long. Stripping all the files off and trying to process as a single movie was impossible, a full disc copy yielded a set of files larger than a DVD-5 disc, and the only solution was to rip the two 1 hour 23 min chunks and then join them. This worked perfectly, but is an illustration of how D2O can be tripped up and is cetainly nees some work yet. I also had problem backing up Star Trek IV, an error indicated the original disk had not been un-encrypted in File mode…it had. In the end I had to resort to DVDShrink to back the disc up for some reason. This may of course have been deliberate duff data put on the original disc to hamper the backing up process.