Has my Hard Drive been deleted?

I really really need someones help if possible. I have two hard drive, my C: with windows and programs etc, and my I: with all my university work as well as other priceless items such as family photos etc. It is the I: that seems to have vanished.

I recently downloaded “moveonboot” software from gibinsoft.net to delete on boot, a file that for some reason didnt delete, and was made by myself somehow i think when i file didnt save properly or something. anyway i open the program, select the file, and it says the file will be deleted on reboot. i reboot and notice their are no numbers for capacity etc next to my I:. I try to open it and it says “DISK NOT FORMATTED: The disk in drive I: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”

This is were i have left it as i am utterly shellshocked and scared because so much of what i need is in that file and cant imagine doing all that work again.

Please, if their is anyone out there who has any ideas or possible solutions, it would really help so much as i am not entirley knowledgable about computers and am worried i could make it worse or even never get my work back

please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!!!


please help. is there anything that can be done to save my work? if not what should i do? should i just format it?

Google disk recovery software…

thanks for your time mate, will give it a go


i ve got a cool recovery software Recover My Files :clap: i have recovered delted files,formatted patitions,deleted patitions(u r case) with that. maybe i can send it to you,can give u r e-mail adress so i can send recover my files to you.

thanks for the offer mate. i have it now so i wont bother you. it seems to be finding a few things so fingers crossed!

thankd for your time mate