Has my dvd writer died?

hello guys,
there i was, happily burning some dvds using nero when a burn failed due to a bad disc.
i put in another and… nothing
nero was acting as if there was no dvd in the drive even though there was.
since this time the drive hasnt been working at all - for blank dvds, cds, pressed dvds, cds, burnt cds, dvds.
it will eject etc, windows recognises it - it’s just that it will never believe there is a disc in the drive.

thing is… i’m sure this happened 1 time previously, and then fixed itself quickly.
but not this time…

it’s a nec 1100 drive if that helps.
anyone know of a method to somehow fix this or could it be dead lasers?
only thing is it’s cds as well as dvds and unless i’m wrong these use 2 different lasers?

thanks in advance!

  1. Go to device manager, and “uninstall” the drive. (right click it and pick uninstall)

  2. Turn off your machine.

  3. Open up your case.

  4. Unplug the drive, both from power and signal.

  5. Boot up the machine, wait for things to settle, and shut down again.

  6. Hook the drive back up and reboot.

See if that helps.

thanks - i’ll have a try

Even better, remove the IDE channel drive is connected to. Then reboot and reboot again when asked.

If the drive is properly recognized in BIOS at boot, steps 1-5 are not mandatory. :wink:

done done done and done

restarted windows with it all disconnected, waited a few minutes.
shut down
drive is detected.

but… once i put a disc in, it’s not recognised, dvd decrypter claims no disc is inserted as does nero.
browsing from ‘my computer’ reveals no files on the disc - and no disc even.

could my drive really be dead?

How long have you had your drive?
Have you burned lots with it?
Have you updated the firmware for the drive?
Maybe firmware update, created a problem?

But mostly likely you drive is shot.

:cool: :cool:

about 2 year old
burned maybe 100 dvds…
not updated the firmware.
guess it’s off to the shops for me on saturday!

kind of update…
ran nero drive info.
it tells me windows aspi is not installed - although nero aspi is.
could this be related somehow?

Yes it’s possible, check these links out.



:cool: :cool:

thanks but no luck - off to the shops i go!